Hi there, I'm Ali and brand new to this blogging thingy so not sure how things work. I decided to start a blog because a very good friend of mine kept saying I should have one, told me it's easy, so here goes.

I have decided to call it Blossom and Grow because over the last few years that's exactly how I feel my life has been. Maybe i'm a late developer. You're never too old to try new
things and life definitely starts at 40 something.

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Mad May!

Well I know its June already 14th to be exact but I've been so busy in May didn't have a moment to blog or visit my favourite crafty forum 'shabby chic cafe' and June has also been a rollercoster.

So as this blog is like my journal and craft space I best let you know what I've been up too thats if computer will upload pics quickly as its 13.22 pm and im still not dressed or had lunch been advertising my fundraiser so i'll start with that. Less chat More pics here goes. Sit back get a cuppa and enjoy.

Come along and have some fun 

The next pic is for my May Monthly Challenge which I have not added to the site oops as so busy. But I'll just say I sent two egg cosies to Gary Barlow with a lovely congrats Union Jack homemade card handed to the warm up man to pass on whilst I was at X Factor didn't hear back though Boo Hoo asked for support for my charity not a sausage.

Talking about Take That for a moment I was performing at the Royal Albert Hall Sunday  May bank hols on the Monday whilst shopping in Portebello road met Howard.  Thats another story for another time.

I know I look like I have special needs it was raining and id pinned back fringe
'The Night of the 1000 Voices' was an amazing experience met some lovely westend dancers and stars and actors from film and TV what a weekend and of course singing with all my  singlive family it was fab.

Too many names really to mention so I'll post a link so you can here us sing and see the stars we sang with im in the choir front row in red on very end .http://youtu.be/HEADl4B1TQ8 Enjoy.

Ok so Jubilee came and went very wet but I was glued to tv and enjoyed waving my flag. I did go and see the olympic torch come to Birkenhead sun was shining.
local charity worker

Missed Mel C as she ran through the other side of park and Chris Boardman cyclist.

Will sign off and do June seperate see you soon xxxx

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