Hi there, I'm Ali and brand new to this blogging thingy so not sure how things work. I decided to start a blog because a very good friend of mine kept saying I should have one, told me it's easy, so here goes.

I have decided to call it Blossom and Grow because over the last few years that's exactly how I feel my life has been. Maybe i'm a late developer. You're never too old to try new
things and life definitely starts at 40 something.

Sunday, 20 February 2011

February Already! What A Crafty Bonanza!

Well I have been so busy since my last blog I don't know where to start!
I will just say our craft fair debut went brilliantly and money made was spent on Christmas presents. I did sell all 17 jars of damson jam they looked lovely as were wrapped in green gingham cloth with red ribbon and label made with Christmas craft CD. There were many highlights of the day and hope M and me might do another Christmas one next year but start early with makes as I was exhausted by the time the day came around.

On the subject of craft fairs, went to my first one in Manchester with M. that was brill, spent a lot but learnt a lot of new skills so the day was very fruitful.

We did a workshop on 'one stroke painting' with Stephanie Weightman (she is a brilliant designer and worked on Create and craft shopping channel) so you can imagine my excitement to meet her and Nancy Watt.  
Steph doing one touch painting she makes it look easy but its not.

all glitter and smiles
  Oh also saw Glitter Girls on their huge store didn't buy anything off them used my 10% discount buying Martha Stewart punches for M and me and yes I have used them since I got back. 

Nancy Watt taking a break
 (have I got food in my teeth hee hee)

Well craft side of things I've been quite busy!
M and Me decided to have our own craft day each week and make something.

Made a fabulous bed quilt for D and looks great on her bed.

My D Patchwork Quilt
 So chuffed with it. MY own twist on it was I sewed her buttons/beads in each corner of the quilt to both stitch the layers together and look effective too!  
Can you see the button detail?

I have bought a gorgeous collection of fabric for the next project in quilting. I will keep this a secret as would like to make a friend a present.

I made a grey/black knitted cushion using huge knitting needles and wool yarn. this came out great and is now on my sofa pride of place. The yarn was expensive so I need to think of recycling my old clothes to make my next big knit project which I think will be a rug for the side of the bed.


D is very lucky as she has a handcrafted knitted pink scarf which looks fab and is very warm only ten stitches across. The yarn was from Lidl four balls think it cost me £2.49 took one evening and I am so made up with the result told you I'd been busy.
Want to make myself one but not so bright. Need to find some more yarn that has this special effect when knitted.

A new craft discovered at the Manchester CF. (Glossy Glue, decopaper and object to be covered)

This is my vase
 D's rose from last years Valentine Ahh!
oh and of course im a huge BETTY FAN
 D loved this and covered her heart I'd bought her from the fair. I went one better and RECYCLED a glass ketcup bottle covering it in decopaper and it as if by magic changed into a vase for the living room. I saved it from the bin so minus one carbon footprint hee hee for me!

YES I'm stroking a decopaper giraffe
how fabulous!
 I have done some embroidery too! So all in all I've been very busy.

This is a pressy for a special person in my life. I haven't finished it yet but should be complete by Mother's day.