Hi there, I'm Ali and brand new to this blogging thingy so not sure how things work. I decided to start a blog because a very good friend of mine kept saying I should have one, told me it's easy, so here goes.

I have decided to call it Blossom and Grow because over the last few years that's exactly how I feel my life has been. Maybe i'm a late developer. You're never too old to try new
things and life definitely starts at 40 something.

Sunday, 15 May 2011

April Bin and Gone!

Hi yes I know its Middle of May and I haven't blogged for over a month but i have been extremely busy crafting, singing and lunching with M. So no time to blog. 

April was a lovely month we had loads of sunshine and I got a lot of my bargain Aldi plants potted up and lawn mowed ect.
I have done a veg patch but nothing is happening here yet. Hoping for cucumber,carrot and parsnips. The whole set up cost (I imagine) more than the end product but its the satisfaction of growing my own which you can't put a price on.
I have also started tomatoes and salad but It was so windy yesterday that I thought my green house was going to blow down well its actually a plastic shelved construction that is not very sturdy.
I will post pics when they start to grow.

Well my friend and I went to a craft fair in the village today I love looking at everyones products and bought a flower punch, wedding cake embellishment and note embellishment, which I have used on a wedding card I made today looks lovely I will add a photo soon. There were loads of lovely handcrafted items some very reasonable My friend sees things and knows she could make it. I see things and just want to buy buy buy! Unfortunately I am pretty skint so need to curb my spending.

We have made a new blog between us and will start blog there soon. We have also opened a shop on folksy and etsy to place some of our items as we need to get our act together and start making some pennies to help pay for our expensive hobby CRAFTING and LUNCHING OUT!

Yesterday May 15th was crafting afternoon at my place and we used M's new cutting machine BIG SHOT lovely it is but its only taken M 5 months to open the box and start to use it. She has lovely key and flower dies. Had a great time decorating a wooden display cabinet with beautiful papers, flowers and keys. We are making them into key holders for the hall. 

Will come back soon!