Hi there, I'm Ali and brand new to this blogging thingy so not sure how things work. I decided to start a blog because a very good friend of mine kept saying I should have one, told me it's easy, so here goes.

I have decided to call it Blossom and Grow because over the last few years that's exactly how I feel my life has been. Maybe i'm a late developer. You're never too old to try new
things and life definitely starts at 40 something.

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Spring Baby Blanket

Well here it is at last I made this blanket for a very special baby that will be arriving in April. Its made from SIRDAR SNUGGLY babybamboo DK in three colour shades 157,154 and 128. I found the wool when I was at the craft fair in Manchester in Feb bought four balls of 50g from the Black Sheep Company as a fellow crafter said thats all I will need for a pram blanket. I started crocheting and soon realised I would need more wool. I searched online at ebay then amazon after a disappointing bid I ended up buying from two different places so two amounts of postage. Anyway its turned out lovely I've enjoyed it and I have loads of wool left oops will learn from this. I have used about 400gs altogether at approx £2.00 a ball so not bad really. Any suggestions what to do next with the rest of the wool (13 balls). I have added this to the Flickr grp. as my A MONTHLY MAKE for MARCH CHALLENGE 2012 even though I did start it in Feb.

The Pattern
The main part of the blanket (now a Cot blanket) is made up of a row of chain stitch to the length you need, then double stitch into each chain st.to the end then *3 treble stitches into a double stitch then 2 slip stitches then 3 trst then 2 ss.*which I continued for two rows in each colour sought of made it up as I went along. when it was big enough I then went around the edge in double stitch.
Then the clever bit went the library loaned a book 'crochet edgings & trims' by Katie Haxell were I chose Papyrus Fan pg 60 to do my edging. I had to adapt in places as the corners are a bit messy but over all I think its great.
Hope you like it and When I become a great aunt I hope the baby will too!!

Friday, 2 March 2012


OMG can't believe its 2nd March 2012 and I haven't updated my blog since last year so sorry if you are following my dribble I have loads to catch up on as you have guessed its a bit of a diary plus my crafty makes maybe I should have two. One for crafting and one for my memories. But then would I still fall behind any how I've got seven followers so thanks to my buddies.

Challenges for 2012
  1. To try my best at being the best mum and wife I can be. Married 16 years this Aug. Where can he take me ooo!
  2. To join the group 'A Monthly Make' that makes something once a month and then puts up pics using flicker need to learn to do that too.
  3. To blog at least once a week.
  4. To get up to 20 followers hee! hee! that shouldn't be too hard Yer right!
  5. Learn how to add other bloggers onto the side bar so I can link to them and so can my followers. There are some great blogs which I am following just need to learn how to link there blog.
  6. Continue with my passion for singing with my pals at singlive uk. Royal Albert Hall 6th May 2012 yipee.
  7. Try and save some pennies for a trip to America 2013.
  8. Upcycle, recycle, reuse, declutter our home and sell what we don't use or need or want. (save pennies made)
  9. Lose a shed load of weight. lost 1 stone 3lb with SW end of July 2011/Jan 2012 but now doing it with my mate M, to save money in pot for crafty day's out with my mate M, it's a struggle and I've got choc for after oops! Nothing in pot. Might do a weekly update on weight too if anyone is interested.
  10. To continue to live life to the full without totally wearing myself out as you never know what tomorrow brings.

Well think that's enough challenges to be going on with I will leave you with a photo from my night out at OLLY MURS CONCERT on 19th FEB 2012. He was fantastic and just one of my exciting experiences in 2012. Will fill you in need to do a diary entry for Jan too !
Olly on small stage I was unfortunately up in the gods top teir third to last row